Newsletter December 2022

Happy Holiday Season, and thank you for being part of our Connective Engagement Family! 

Did you know that it takes the average person 7 seconds to form a first impression? Check out this article expanding upon this very subject and why it matters now in this virtual world more than ever!

As we all ride the continuous waves of change in both our business and personal worlds, I do believe that we are coming to a smooth sense of calm. The waves no longer seem quite as rough as they did in the beginning, but more soft and consistent.

However, that’s not to say that there won’t be rough waters ahead at some point. That is just how life goes…

We just need to learn to surf.

Just a reminder here to keep the waves gently rolling in and out!



#Emotional Intelligence



#Active Listening

…Just some of the #softskills we need to access and use regularly to keep employee morale up, production high, and everyone riding high!


Keep zoom fatigue at bay… just remember less is more!